In The Crack E1487 Vanessa Decker (2019) HD 1080p



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In The Crack E1487 Vanessa Decker (2019) HD 1080p

Год производства: 2019
Название ролика: In The Crack E1487 Vanessa Decker
Жанр: Teen , Small Tits , Tattoos
В ролях: Vanessa Decker
Подсайт и сайт: In The Crack

Black and Decker. 14:40
In a rather minimalist all white room the background somewhat goes away and the focus is all on Vanessa. Her short loose flowing skirt offers some easy up skirt views showing her black panties. The dress then comes off revealing a decent set of boobs that get our attention for a while with a bit of boob jiggling and fondling. The last third of this clip focuses on the panties and has some teasing bare pussy and ass to finish it out.

Part of me Likes this. 11:08
Vanessa spends a good portion of this all nude segment spreading her lips and cheeks. She doesn’t exactly gape enormously wide but everything is nicely parted for a revealing view of all her assets. She sets about spreading her bottom end in multiple positions including while squatting straddling two chairs for a very nice underneath view. The underside view of her boobs dangling is also very nice in this position.

Decker Stick. 11:33
Vanessa’s vibrating dildo masturbation is somewhat standard but for the underside view when she returns to the squatting position straddling between two chairs. It gives a really nice view of her boobs dangling while she works on stimulating her pussy.

In The Crack E1487 Vanessa Decker (2019) HD 1080p

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