Kari A, Tracy Smile - Lady Scene 3 Marquise (2015) HD 720p



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Kari A, Tracy Smile - Lady Scene 3 Marquise (2015) HD 720p

Worldly and sophisticated though she may be, not even Kari is immune to the appeal of big boobs! She seems poised, elegant and somewhat aloof as she eyes up her latest conquest, Tracy Smile. But the sight of Tracy's fabulous figure soon melts her reserve and has her visibly aroused. The girls kiss, Tracy's kinky tongue stud evidently whetting Kari's appetite for more. Kari looks like a pretty porcelain doll as she slips a hand between Tracy's legs to stroke her there, Tracy grabbing on to the strands of pearls around Kari's neck as the horny sensations build. Kari peels down the top of Tracy's dress and her hands instinctively move to grab Tracy's breasts, squeezing the soft flesh eagerly. Kari soon has Tracy naked, her tremendous tits looking even more startling atop her slender figure. She slides down onto the sofa, pussy raised high so Kari can lick it. Tracy plays with her nipples as Kari's tongue flickers over her clit, two fingers plunging deep inside. She pulls her knees right back by her head so Kari can explore the plump sweetness of her slippery slit. Kari undresses as Tracy recovers from a huge climax, then straddles her lap and showers her with kisses. Tracy slips a couple of fingers into Kari's pussy, wetness running down her hand as she diddles her. Kari moves onto her back so Tracy can suck on her puffy clit and tease her with rapid tongue-strokes. Kari's lovely face is wracked with pleasure as Tracy drives her all the way to orgasm.

Official Release Date: Feb 13, 2015
Actors: Kari A, Tracy Smile
Studio: VivThomas

Kari A, Tracy Smile - Lady Scene 3 Marquise (2015) HD 720p

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