Verona - Hello, My Sweet Fetish Lovers! (2015) HD 720p



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Verona - Hello, My Sweet Fetish Lovers! (2015) HD 720p

Greetings to all my sweet foot men and leg lovers. I’m Verona from the Czech Republic, and I want you to take out your cocks as you look through my pictures and video. I am here in my pantyhose today, and these sexy ankle boots, and I want you to come close to your screen and worship me from the tips of these high heels right up to the lacy panties that you can see under my tights... Have you ever eaten a girl through her pantyhose and panty crotch? It gives a real workout to a tongue, but I like my admirers and slaves to get exercise. Just imagine the rasp of the material on your tongue, and how you’ll feel my wet warm pussy underneath... There’s so much we could do together if you could step into my fetish XXX video! You could sniff and kiss my boots, and then my size 7.5 feet in the hosiery, and then do some toe sucking when I take off the tights and let you see my bare, naked, red-polished toenails... Oh, I’m sure you can come up with many fantasies of your own as you watch my pantyhose porn and foot worship scene! But don’t forget to kiss my ass on the screen, and the rose tattooed on my ankle...

Official Release Date: Jan 29, 2015
Actors: Verona
Studio: DDFProd

Verona - Hello, My Sweet Fetish Lovers! (2015) HD 720p

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