Adrienn Levai - Naughty at Dusk (2015) HD 720p



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Adrienn Levai - Naughty at Dusk (2015) HD 720p

Hungarian International model Adrienn Levai is hot, hot, hot in this set from photographer Robert Haas. In nothing but a white tank and panties, Adrienn traipses on the beach – her curves are barely contained by the thin fabrics, and that’s just the way she likes it. “Every weekend I’m working, so I’m happy when I don’t have a gig and I can relax,” she says. “I’m happy when I can chill a bit!” Adrienn undresses, letting the sun’s rays sink into her skin – if you ask us, she isn’t chilling. She’s as hot as it’s possible to get – so hot, in fact, that she has to cool herself down with an impromptu bottle of water. “Shooting for Playboy is a pleasure for me,” says Adrienn. “I love the brand and the lifestyle. I hope you guys enjoy my sexy photos.” To say we enjoy these would be an understatement – take in every inch of the stunning Adrienn Levai, right here on Playboy Plus.

Official Release Date: Feb 3, 2015
Actors: Adrienn Levai
Studio: PlayBoyPlus

Adrienn Levai - Naughty at Dusk (2015) HD 720p

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