CZECH BITCH 38 (2014) HD 720p



Blitz2012 4-11-2014, 08:39     
CZECH BITCH 38 (2014) HD 720p

Жанр: All Sex
Год: 2014

Описание: Get ready for an adrenaline rollercoaster. Shit is about to hit the fan! The guardian of morality and the patron of paid sex may have violated the Law! He let into his whore-car an extremely young piece of flesh. The blonde chick looks incredibly young. She might have not turned 18 yet!!! She didn’t want to tell her age. Take her, or leave her! I’ll suck you! You can have my cunt without a rubber, but don’t ask about my age. Hard core! Mirek could not resist. This phenomenal pussy is totally worth a lawsuit. The dirty old man is sniffing her knickers in delight. Nasty! The young whore is not run in yet. Mirek is tuning her chassis and comes on her. You have to see this episode! Arguably the youngest whore Mirek has ever fucked.

Формат видео: wmv
Продолжительность: 00:32:56
Видео: WMV2; 1280x720 (16:9); 5302 Kbps; 25 fps; 0,230 bpp
Аудио: WMA2; 128 Kbps; 2 ch; 16 bit

CZECH BITCH 38 (2014) HD 720p

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