Liza Rowe - The After-School Special (2016) FullHD 1080p



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Liza Rowe - The After-School Special (2016) FullHD 1080p

Buddy Hollywood was just driving through the neighbourhood when he passed by Liza, who was out from school early. With the parents still not home, she takes him into the Rowe household to catch up on good times. After showing off her new skimpy swimsuit, neither of these two can contain themselves any longer, and Liza gets on her knees to go down hard on Mr. Hollywood. His particular taste for Liza's feet soon changes the tone, and she rides him hard while he tries to taste as many toes as possible. Ultimately Buddy blows his load on those delicious footpads. Maybe she can get some after-school credit for the, uh, community outreach.

Official Release Date: Sep 11, 2016
Actors: Liza Rowe
Studio: 21Sextury | FootsieBabes

Liza Rowe - The After-School Special (2016) FullHD 1080p

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